Tuesday, 30 December 2008

NYE 2008 pt. 1


The Rainbow Presents NYE Street Festival 2008
Featuring 7 Arenas hosted by Birmingham's favourite party brands including...
Below: In the Rainbow Courtyard
Hot Date: In the Warehouse Garden
Bigger Than Barry: On the Street
Wobble Vs Crunch: In the Rainbow Warehouse
Enid Blight-On: In the Rainbow Bar
Custon Made: In the Oasis Marquee
Up2NoGood: In the Other Room

At midnight when I'm DJing at "Bigger Than Barry" as part of the Rainbow Street Festival this year, i'll be dropping a little 2step edit i did of 'Auld Lang Syne'

Freddie Hubbard R.I.P.


An Amazing muician, sampled by the likes of Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock and Cl Smoth, Souls Of Mischief, Black Sheep, Masta Ace etc. Basicly if you ve ever listened to 90's hip hop then you've listened to this man...RIP

Freddie Hubbard died today at Sherman Oaks Hospital as a result of a heart attack suffered in late November. His name might not blow up the same marquee lights as that of the late Eartha Kitt, whom we lost on Christmas Day, but anyone who cultivates even a passing interest in jazz certainly knows Hubbard's swift, mercury-smooth trumpet sound, whether they realize it or not.

A sideman for Sonny Rollins and Art Blakey, Hubbard did some of his most masterful work with the '60s avant-garde crowd, including Eric Dolphy's "Out to Lunch," John Coltrane's "Ascension" and Ornette Coleman's masterful group improvisation "Free Jazz." Perhaps as a result of such a track record, Hubbard's recordings as a band leader may have been a bit overshadowed, but his soul-jazz leaning '70s work on "Red Clay" and "Straight Life" are well worth investigating.


Sunday, 28 December 2008

Junior Spesh

I was in Sainsbury's in Streatham the other day getting some bits when I saw this on the wall..




But here's the catch... it's in PENGE.

or Peng-E, when i used to link 2 draw there.

Who would travel from Streatham to Penge to get fried chicken though?


Blackjack - Dead Prez

Friday, 26 December 2008


Ghetto ft. Griminal - Don't Phone Me

So it looks like in 2009 grime MCs might actually be putting out grime tunes into the mainstream again with grimey videos.

I think it's a good effort, Ghets & Grim kill it on the beat!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Scrap The 696 Form!


The people in Parliament aka The Wasteman Centre have drawn up some new plans to lock the next generation down again.

"The 696 Form compels licensees who wish to hold live music events in 21 London Boroughs to report to the police the names, addresses, aliases and telephone numbers of performers, and most worryingly, the likely ethnicity of their audience. Failure to comply could result in fines or imprisonment. We believe this places unnecessary and frankly Orwellian powers in the hands of the Metropolitan Police, an institution which does not have the best record of racial fairness. The 696 form can only serve to deter the staging of live musical events - a positive form of activity in London and all cities - stifle free expression and quite possible penalise certain genres of music and ethnic audiences. It is an intrusion too far."

As a DJ, I'm pissed off at the prospect of The 696 Form coming into place.

All Soundboys and girls, all raving cru, rise up!

Sign the petition here : http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Scrapthe696/

If they ever pass this then this country is officially FUCKED.

from the Independent :

"..Mr Sharkey has also complained to the Equality and Human Rights Commission that the police appear to be focusing on the music enjoyed by black and Asian teenagers. One of the questions on the form requires the licensee to specify the type of music that will be performed, giving as possible examples "Bashment, R'n'B, Garage". Another question asks, "Is there a particular ethnic group attending?..."




Hardknock '09

Click here for the full line up..

Christmas in the CRO.


Check out ashes57's pics here.
Click here to see what GregTeee was saying on BNTL.
Out to Sarge!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Oneman's Classic Cuts *4

Kim English - Nite Life (Armand Van Helden Remix)


So Armand Van Helden pretty much invented Speed Garage with tunes like this, Spin Spin Sugar etc..

ang tite everyone reachin Croydub later @ The Black Sheep Bar in Croydonia tonight!!

gonna be LARGE!!!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


So today i was invited down to the mastering session of the brand new Newham Generals album "Generally Speaking"
I ve heard bits and pieces of this album since April when Dizz and Cage played me some ruff versions of it, and on the real i was blown away by what i heard, so i was excited to hear the finished result.

When i got to the studio The Generals, Dizz and Cage were chilling listening to "Head Get Mangled" being mastered. This track is incredible. It's too much. Bass heavy to the extreme, and I'd say one of my favorite cuts on the album (Shout out to cAGE on the beat who killed it)

I got played a world exclusive of the video for "Head Get Mangled" which is SICK. Imagine Jacobs Ladder, Torture, and a room full of kinky ladies. I'll say no more, you really just have to watch it. It's in a class by itself and it takes it to a whole other level (Shout out to Rachel)

Generally Speaking is 13 cuts long and lyrically Footsie and D Double kill it. The good thing about this album is that its dirty and grimy as hell but at the same time its next level and will appeal to indie/rock kids and hip hop heads, as well as the grime scene, which is what we need more of musically in this country.

Yo rather then me go on about the album, listen to the Generals break down their album themselves. Listen below

EXCLUSIVE : UFO's in Peckham



what are they though????

Big up Manara for showing me this

Sunday, 14 December 2008


Last night me and Blitz went IN on some of the best hip hop you will hear on your radio.We are both live in the mix through out the show, so make sure you peep it...

Oh yeah The Game is special guest on next weeks show. We're hooking up with him at a secret location and if you got any questions you think i should ask him just let me know and i will ask away!!!



The featured Album of the week this week was Commons Universal mind control, which is now out in your stores. Me and Shortee did a SICK Common mix of the best tracks off the new LP, as well as digging into the crates with some classic Common. You are advised to check it....its kinda dope...

Also every week we pick a classic Hip Hop album that changed the face of Hip hop. This weeks show we picked Diamond D's "Stunts, Blunts, And Hip Hop" You do the math.....Holla.


Kanye West Ft Mr Hudson - Paranoid - Roc-A-Fella
Q-Tip - Manwomanboogie - Universal Motown
Common Ft Cee-Lo - Make My Day - Geffen
Ludacris Ft Common - Do The Right Thing - Def Jam
Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics - Sally Got A One Track Mind - Chemistry
Jay-Z Ft Santogold - Brooklyn Go Hard - Bad Boy
Heltah Skeltah - Smack Muzik - Duck Down
Ludacris - Mvp - Def Jam
Epmd Ft Redman - Yo - Ep Records
Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics - I Went For Mine - Chemistry
Kid Cudi - Super Boo - G.O.O.D.
Kyza - Judgement Day - White
Kyza - Vibe-Rater - White
Red Café - So Easy (Rmx) - Konvict
B.O.B. - Autotune - G.O.O.D.
Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics - Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop - Chemistry
Pyrelli - Hot Heat - Judgement Ent
Pyrelli - International Swagger - Judgement Ent
Drake - Say You Will Freestyle - White
Bashy - Free - White
The Alchemist - Therapy - Koch
Ill Bill - Society Is Brainwashed - Fat Beats
Busta Rhymes - I Got Bass - Universal Motown
Jay-Z - History - Roc-A-Fella
Ludacris Ft Chris Rock - Everybody Hates Chris - Def Jam
Q-Tip - The Renaissance - Universal Motown
Common - Gladiator - Geffen
Common - Announcement - Geffen
Common Sense - Resurrection Orig. & Rmx - Relativity
Common Sense - I Used To Love H.E.R. - Relativity
Common - Universal Mind Control Orig. & Rmx - Geffen

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Slap & Tickle Christmas Special

All I Want For Christmas...

..is some new socks, £200 vouchers for Tape Exchange, and a Yamaha Tenori-On

from wiki:

Tenori-on is an electronic musical instrument, designed and created by Japanese artist, Toshio Iwai and Yu Nishibori of the Music and Human Interface Group, Yamaha Center for Advanced Sound Technology. It consists of a screen, held in the hands, of a sixteen by sixteen grid of LED switches, any of which can be activated in a number of ways to create an evolving musical soundscape. The LED switches are held within a magnesium frame, which has two built-in speakers located on the top of frame, as well as a dial and buttons that control the type of sound and beats per minute produced. There is also an LCD screen on the bottom edge of the frame. Using the connection function, it is possible to play a synchronized session, or to send and receive songs between two of the devices.


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

An Uncontrollable Urge

4 2 Da Floor

Click the pic to Download



1. Toad Talk Intro
2. Amy Winehouse - Fuck Me Pumps (MJ Cole Remix)
3. Qualifide - Pick Me Up Remix
4. The Wideboys - Scatman
5. Scandalous Unlimited - Full Phat
6. Bogeyman - Nasty
7. Alley Cats - Cover Me (Dirty Floor Mix)
8. Big$hot - EQ
9. DJ Lewi - Hold Tight (4x4 VIP Mix)
10.Jammin - ??
11.Big$hot - Earthquake
12. Distance - Feel Me
13. Underground Alliance - Everyting Is Large


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

King of Pranks


Remi Gaillard from France takes street pranks to a whole new level. He does shit like curl football's into the back of open police vans, and then does Ravinelli style celebrations in front of them.. You may have seen him in the news in 2002, when he jumped on the pitch and sung the french national anthem with Lorient in the Coupe de France final.

The Elevator ones are heavy

Morning Elevator

Disco Elevator

Some of my favourites..

Football 2008

Remi Kart


Check all of his videos here:

Friday, 5 December 2008

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

British Army LSD Testing

Too Funny.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Oneman's Classic Cuts *3

Midnight Express - Danger Zone

Perhaps the best Funk tune ever made!

Mista Jam @ YOYO Tonight!

If you were there last time you know Mista Jam is gunna tear it up.. I'm only coming for a bit, me and Oney are picking up a jack. I'm mad ill.. so don't come to close.

..don't worry about the date, it's tonight I swear too you.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

..by North Of Ping Pong

Directed by Adam Smith.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Kirlian Photography

I was Googlin about at some photography earlier, and came across some interesting Kirlian photography using Tesla Coils..

I think a Tesla Coil is kinda like a big version of this:


But without the glass ball around it..

This photo is of the Coil rotating 2 times, with a rod attatched, using an exposure of about 20 seconds.



The SICKEST Anti-Theft Device for your car!


Revolution Now !

Juakali Revolution Now Music Video from Dereck Janniere on Vimeo.

Juakali's new video - http://www.vimeo.com/2409777

Check out his new EP breakground

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I Slapped Your Girl

After my recent post about Vocoders being overused in the same way over again in pop music at the moment, it made me smile to hear someone taking the piss with it and making a parody song.

JME & Skepta - I Slapped Your Girl

edit : divshare is mangled so here is the download link : http://www.sendspace.com/file/tefu0c

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Bowery Print

Bowery, 2008 - Ashes57
Limited to 25
2 Colour Screenprint on Somerset Satin White Paper 56 x 72
56cm x 72 cm - 22 x 28 inches


27, Park Road
Crouch End
N8 8TE

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A Tribute To..


AKA Croydon's King of Styles.

There was a time in my youth where I'd buy an all-zones travelcard just to ride the trains and check the tracksides pretty much every weekend. SER ran a graffiti shop in an arcade center in Croydon which is now shut down, along with Clapham's Graphotism store.

I always looked out for a bunch of writers.. Ser was definately up there, every piece was different, he never recycled the same handstyles/fills.. Zonk, Cosa, Fume, Neas, Dem, Memo were all up there too...

But there was one writer I'd always wish I saw everytime I went out, and towards the early 2000's it became rarer to find his new shit, that was Zomby:DDS/FBZ/DTB.. AKA Afro AKA Rate AKA London's King of Characters

You can buy some Zomby prints for your favourite graff lover this christmas at http://www.paintandbeatz.com

Including this one, still unsold, for a staggering £690.00

He also did a limited run of tees for Rare Kind, which are now sadly out of stock. He used to sell these at the stall he used to run with Teach at Portobello Market called 'Street Dreams' where Asbo & I used to go back in our teens to buy the big tins of chrome Molotov burners for £2. The good old days!

Listen to THIS:

Heartless Crew : Raw Mission FM : September 1998

Look at THIS:

More classic London graff flix here: http://www.graffiti.org/dj/

Oneman's Classic Cuts *2


Smokin' Beats - Dreams (1996)

Track Masters - I Need You So Bad (1992)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I Am Music

Some Dilla classics filling my ears today.

Common - I Am Music (prod. by J Dilla)

download : http://www.divshare.com/download/5922864-e86

Slum Village - You Know What Love Is (Alternate Version)

download : http://www.divshare.com/download/5923078-81d

J Dilla ft. The Pharcyde - Splattitorium

download : http://www.divshare.com/download/5923260-708