Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Jean Grae retiring?

It looks like Jean Grae is bidding farewell to the record industry.

In a new blog on her myspace page, the Brooklyn emcee thanks all of her fans for their support and gives salutations to hip hop, with a finalizing tone.

“It's been a wonderful and awful journey all at the same time. Mostly leaning towards the wonderful Thank you for letting me share what I could with you and sharing yourselves back, as you have really been the reason that I kept on,” she types. “I will always love what I consider to be true hip hop music... from the bottom of my soul. I hope you will continue to distinguish those who are contributors to the evolution of Hip Hop and other black music as both an auditory stimulation and a culture, taking care that they are put in a position to do so.

She ends the note saying, “Enjoy…see y’all around. It’s been amazing. Thank you again

Her profile name on myspace has also been changed to “Jean Grae Saying Peace Out,” and her only remaining profile picture is of her apparently blowing a kiss goodbye.

I hope she's just having a bad week.. please don't go Jean!!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008


This is set to be the biggest gathering of stencil artists that London has ever seen. Around 40 of the most prolific street artists from around the world with names such as Dolk, Banksy and Pure Evil will team up with members of the general public to paint a London street.


Sunday, 27 April 2008

Dirty Canvas X Standard Place

Vice Goes Switzerland

So this Saturday we jetted off to Zurich, for VICE Germany's first ever party in Switzerland..

Terminal 5.. fly light and you'll be alright.

Essential reading..

England.. Switzerland.

Apparently this used to be the most popular holiday destination for junkies in Europe. Crack heads would flock from all over the world to get their mash on. This whole area used to be covered in all sorts of mess and police wouldn't dare enter. We heard one story about a man who climbed up one of the trees on the left in the Summer, gave himself an overdose of heroin and died. He wasn't found until the Autumn when all the leaves fell off the tree..

Had to try a Swiss Big Mac.. they were selling shrimp in Mac D's.. madness.

Smoking at a bar.. what a feeling.

The Vice gang took us and the other bands out for a slap up meal..

Roadblock on arrival.. have your invitations ready.

Eight Legs



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Free bar!!
Les Gillettes


Heart attack.. we only ordered a hamburger.

This somes up how we felt after the party..

Back to London..
For more pictures of what went down visit the Vice photo blog.

Saturday, 26 April 2008