Friday, 31 October 2008

D*Face aPOPcalypse

I don't know if you had the chance to go to this show in London. It was on for only few days at the black rat gallery. I thought you guys might like this.




by Joseph Rivera
A Miss Rosen Edition
powerHouse Books

In the book Vandal Squad, Joseph Rivera, born and raised in the Bronx describes his time serving the Vandal Squad from 1984 up until 2004. Originally employed to reassure the public safety in the subway from all kind of assaults and crimes...


Lady Pink Interview

words: ASHES57

A Lady Pink mural could be defined by its distinctive style and saturated colors but as she would be the first to tell you "It has to be BIG".
Born in Ecuador and raised in New York City, Lady Pink was one of the first women doing graffiti in the early eighties. Featured in the legendary 1982 landmark film Wild Style.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Home Of Dubstep..

..but is Croydon ready?

Friday, 24 October 2008

Kill The Messenger

This is a must see, Chris Rock is at the top of his game, had me and Oney laughing into the early hours of the morning.

DMZ Line Up!!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Vote For Charlie Crockett!!

Easy people, My good friend Charlie Crockett (of A.IN.T) has been nominated to win a cash prize!! Which Art In Transit could seriously benifit from.
You can vote once a day and Charlie has promised he will do fun creative stuff with the money!!

To vote click here:


Tonight London Town is treated to some heavy bass in the style of Night Slugs vs Trouble & Bass



Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Fucntions On The Low

Seeing the skeleton playing flute on the front page made me think of this tune.


Ruff Squad remix instrumental of XTC's 'Functions on the Low', probably from about 2004?

Classic London sounds!

Gullyver Halloween Special!!

Halloween Special

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Pieces of 8-bit

We all loved playing video games as kids, hence the name Street Writer.. I have a ps2 but don't play it much, and I've still got my Snes from back in the day but I don't play it at all, mainly because I don't have time to but also I have emualtors for a lot of the old consoles on my mac, so when I do get the time I can play them on here. Not the same though really. I could play Street Fighter, GoldenEye, Mario Kart and Pro Evo all day though, no matter how busy I am. I do still take an interest in video game music.. I played in Manchester earlier this month at a rave called 'Monday Murkage' (hold tight David Lewis, big boy promoter-500 students out on a Monday night areyoudumb?) so the next day I went down to Picadilly Records on Oldham St and found this gem:


It's got a lot of the old intro sounds for game makers like Konami, Acclaim, Capcom etc and a heavy section of GTA San Andreas dialogue which is too jokes.
The first tune I can ever remember is this, this game got completely rinsed! Probably the first game I completed.


The best tune ever made on 8-bit for a video game has to be the intro theme from Streets Of Rage 2.


My first encounter with this music outside of it's original context was probably the 1999 New York anthem 'Super Brooklyn', which straight samples Super Mario. It was a groundbreaking idea at the time to rap over a computer game sample, it never got officially released because the sample was unable to clear.


Then a few years later, around 2005 my mate Alex Bok Bok played me a song which got me into a lot of new music, and again it was the 8-bit synth samples that grabbed my attention. It was actually the first Diplo record I bought. I got it on white label prior to it's release, that just has a stamp of a diplodocus on the label and 'DIPLO' written in the tiniest letters in biro on the other side. To me it’s like Miami Bass passed through a mega drive in Brazil then sent to Jamaica to be finished.


About a year ago, dub virus infecta Kode 9 put out a real head-turning release on his Hyperdub label from Japanese gameboy musician Quarta 330. it featured an 8-bit remix of Kode 9's classic '9 Samurai' and this crazy dub tune made on Nanoloop. This probably came out around the same time as 50 Cent & Justin Timberlake's 'Ayo Technology' which is a good example of 8-bit filtering into pop music.


More recently RAMP Recordings have put out a sick 12" from Zomby. Side A is 'Liquid Dancehall' but it's really, as usual with a lot of UKG records, all about the B-side.


This style is getting more popular, I'm hearing it a lot in new music, it definately evokes nostalgia, but at the same time sounds good in a new way. All about the 8-bit!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Sunday, 19 October 2008


On research trip to Amsterdam & Antwerp last week, just a few randon snaps, the zoots from the cafes are fuckin strong thats all I am sayin.

peace out

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tally Ho..underwater we go...

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel...

woah! i saw this in the metro the other day, some woman chilling on a blow up lilo, in a clear flume, with dolphins & co swimming about on the other side. wtf!? it's still under's mad! i wanna go!

quote... "Currently under construction in Dubai, Hydropolis will be the world's first luxury underwater hotel. It will include three elements: the land station, where guests will be welcomed, the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel, and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex. It is one of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world, covering an area of 260 hectares, about the size of London's Hyde Park".


Dance Floor Dale

This video below contains some explicit cartoon scenes, flashing lights and is FOR OVER 18's ONLY.

Directed by Eric Wareheim (Tim & Eric) in association with Warp Records and Warp Films. Music by Flying Lotus. Co Directed/ Animation by Devin Flynn. Co Directed/ Edited by Eric Fensler. More info at

Teck 1's Solo show

Good friend and a fucking bad boy artist Teck 1 is having a solo show at londons Reebok Lounge on Great Eastern Street. The Show will exhibit from the 31st Oct to the 15th Nov with a invite preview night on the 30th. So if you think you are in the know, see if you can hook up invites to that, as knowing Teck its gonna be "special"

Nice one Rich, see you there.

Monday, 13 October 2008

A London Someting Dis

Education Time

part 2, part 3

Art & Sole out this week

Art & Sole: Contemporary Sneaker Art & Design, by Intercity and published by Laurence King on the 15th October 2008 explores and celebrates the creative side of sneaker culture, showing the most original rarities and collaborations, and showing the latest art and design.

Featured designers/artists include: Katsuya Terada (Japan), Futura 2000 (USA), Also Known As (USA), Sean D’anconia (Canada), Stash (USA), Kiks Tyo (Japan), Crooked Tongues (UK), Kidrobot (USA), Hiroshi Fujiwara (Japan), Jeremyville (Australia/USA), Dalek (USA), Robert Williams (USA), Dave Kinsey (USA), Mr Cartoon (USA), Jun Watanabe (Japan), Delta (Netherlands), Toy2R (Hong Kong), James Jarvis (UK), Mihara Yasuhiro (Japan), Jules David (Holland), INSA (UK), Dave White (UK) and myself Nash Money (UK).

Pirate Radio Doc

Filmed in 1995. Features DJ Brockie, DJ Ron and more.

Catch the other parts here: part 2, part 3


I am mostly playing Countdown Conundrum

Catching Jokes at getting anagrams like:


(Can anyone get this one?)

And listening to Countdown Riddim Remix:

Then looking at the related videos and finding these gems..

Pingu Riddim

Noddy Riddim

^^I think Todd Edwards had a hand this one.

Nokia Beat (This 1s actually good)

Then all these got me thinking of Oxide & Neutrino - Casualty...

..which was good but..

Oxide & Neutrino - The Bill

Is where I'm at. Reminds me of being 14, cotchin in my room listening to Delight FM.. SO SOLID SUNDAYS YEH MAN

What happened to all the good pirate radio stations playing garage and stuff? I can hardly find any these days. I suppose there's been a takeover by internet stations, podcasts, on-demand radio, ipods and myspace which means pirate radio isn't needed as much anymore for discovering underground music. That makes me sad. I love pirate radio.. the interception i get from Classic FM when trying to pick up Rinse FM in South London is sometimes so sick you can hardly tell that its crossing over. I suppose internet stations are cheaper to run aswell, and it's legal.. but internet stations you can only pick up if, obviously, u have access to the internet.. where as with pirate radio all you have to do is switch on your radio.. but how many people these days have a radio, compared to how many have a computer? I dunno. I play on a pirate radio station, and the audience isn't huge. I get more people asking me for the MP3 recording of the show than people actually locked in at the time..

BIG UP THE PIRATES. Time to roll another one.


sofi donuts meets seb chew...

We all know n love Seb Chew for a number of reasons, firstly we love him for being the big Daddy behind LDN's "YoYo" at Notting Hill Arts Club. A dapper weekly night showcasing new talent followed by anything to get you shockin out, line up's have included Mark Ronson, Busy P, Dj Q & MC Bones, Lupe Fiasco, Sinden & The Cool get the idea! It's crackers! The Polydor A&R man also signed the "Scissor Sisters" & more recently "The Klaxons". Being big on the bassline right now we love Seb's sets & have booked him a couple of times, he always smashes it. I thought I'd ask him some things he probably doesn't get asked much, why he likes Bristol & I'm gunna ask about Garms...he's always turned out nicely, so let's see what he has to say....

Holla Seb! We've booked you a couple of times for Donuts here in Bristol. The crowd love you, we love you, do you love Bristol & why??
Mainly cos of the grimyness... I think people appreciate the grimyness there more than anywhere else. You know that you can go quite hard and people won't be scared.

Donuts gave you a Rockers NYC T as a present once, you seem to wear it a lot. Tell me about what floats your boat, clothing wise....
Ha, or maybe I just wear it when there's goons with cameras about. I really like what they do, I've been into streetwear stuff for a long time ( really via skating and early stussy etc ) and have seen alot of trends come and go and I feel like now it really needs something fresh and interesting to come along rather than the same old stuff all the time. I think there's so much average stuff out there so when something original and cool comes around it kind of wacks me round the head and makes me happy. I think thats what the rockers lot have done as far as I can see so far.

There really isn't too many other things I love, old classic skate stuff, Kaws is good but I prefer the older stuff he did pre Original Fake. Supreme are always strong but you have to buy their stuff in the US cos the prices here are so silly. It feels abit like a mugging off when you see the prices in the NY shop.

Oh and i really like visvim, but I think that could be cos I'm getting old and have too many pairs of Nikes, that I need to move onto something else now!

Will you be taking part in the upcoming Streetfighter x Trapstar Battle at YoYo? The night stays fresh because you do things like this, your line ups smack it already, so what do you have planned for the future?
Nah, we won't actually be playing, I got a bit shamed last time. I sucked and got beat in the first round. Oh well, I didn't profess to be a G at it or anything ( unlike some people....Charlie Crockett ).

For the future at YoYo we just want to keep booking new people that are exciting us. In Aug / Sept we've got Mistajam from 1xtra, Rusko & Drop the Lime from NYC. Trying to keep it set in black music ( I hate that term but you know what I mean ) but also push it a bit with other stuff too.

Since your a man of talent spotting, is there any artist from Bristol that you think is gunna make it big?
With the Bristol thing, I'm not too up on the band stuff from there, but definitely from a dance and electronic perspective, there's always something interesting coming from there. I'm really feeling that Joker dude...yeah he's heavy.

I would like to know Seb Chews top 5 tracks of the moment...
1. A Milli, A Billi - Lil Wayne / Jigga
2. Terminator - Caspa
3. I'm On - Nas
4. Universal Mind Control - Common
5. Bulletproof - La Roux

La Roux is dope, she's new & we have just signed her, she is managed by The Klaxons manager. Her new track "Bulletproof" is like Yazoo meets The Knife!

YoYo it -

sofi donuts meets timo of CTRL clothing....

Not meaning to pick a favourite brand in Donuts, but, I have to admit it, there is one above all the others that has a big place in my heart. That brand would be CTRL from Helsinki, Finland. The brand was born just over 10 years ago & since then has done 13 clothing lines, a lot of Skateboards & collabs with Rockers NYC & Vice Magazine. I managed to get a few words of Timothy Khun of CTRL & here's what he had to say.

Hello Timo! How do you feel to be such a big part of Donuts & being one of our favourite brands?
i feel good and vibrant! It makes me feel alive, my pops was a sailor man and he got to know all these people all around the world, so i guess i'm sailing as well, meeting and staying in touch with people around all of the seven seas. i'm a lucky bastard! Sometimes i might end up ordering a beer and running out of cash tho... but getting along, seeing the world and meeting up with dope people is just epic for me!

You've conquered many countries around the world, how do you aim to conquer the UK?
It'll happen sooner or later. We got some tight heads that are down with our stuff and spreading the sincere and playful word, like this diamond like girl Sofi at Donuts. She's like an ambassador!

i think that we are fairly unknown in a way over there. the market over there is quite alive with many domestic brands etc, so all we gotta do is to get our stuff visible and there's no question that it'll find the right crowd! We can also do it through our tolerance for massive amounts of alcohol, and that's a good connection with the U.K heads right there....
and Gavin Watson of course... Monty Python and the Queen are soon wearing our stuff as well.

Nah, but seriously. It's kinda tricky to be just a mail address or a phone number telling to some shop owner, ''Yo, we do cool stuff. Place an order.... You need to meet up, have a pint, share some thoughts and realize, damn, this shit is good and the people behind it are tight! We love U.K and we'll just wait for U.K to love us back!

One of the reasons I love CTRL so much is because you don't seem to make stuff that you know is popular right now, you seem to make what you feel like & the brain of CTRL never ceases to amaze me. What you gotta say about that?
Maybe it's because we reside in Helsinki, which definitely def hasn't got all that Milano, Paris vibe to it... Sometimes when we go out for travels and get some free trade show beers and are inspired, we just talk about crazy stuff and then sometimes, just spontaneously something crazy comes up, like let's do this t-shirt print with feathers and tar for the Las Vegas trade show so we're like ripped off cowboys whne we go there... and it all of a sudden ends up being one of the designs. It just kinda cumulates from a far flung slightly drunk hilarious joke... next thing you know, it's a print or an item in the collection.

We don't wanna take shit all too seriously in a way of being like we can't laugh about ourselves...

The Uranus is a brilliant example... we have loads of those coming up again for our next SS09 line... Also Brand Of Gypsies since we always down with the free beers and booze and actually our designer has some of the survival blood running through his vains.

To quote you "Ctrl has no intentions on staying as "an exclusive, small, cool brand" - instead CTRL wants to be a HUGE COOL BRAND". A typical question in interviews, but I do really wanna know what you have planned for the future?
Well, we want to continue seeing the world ad carrying our work with us wherever we go. Meet up nice people and so on... Maybe sleep in a hotel instead of some couch in a small friends apartment... That's why we wanna be huuuuge...

We have no intentions of just categorizing us as a small exclusive brand. We have quite a wide line both for girls and boys so this kind of olds it as well. There's not many f the ultra super hyped super exclusive shops that are able to carry all that stuff, so that's why we kind of wanna offer it to a wider, but still a cool category of shops and people.

We're always amazed when we see totally different kind of people wearing our stuff and seeing that it works, both visually and message wise. Even in genres we don't know too much about. And we're like, ''Hell yeah! That's dope... I mean he's happy wearing it and we're happy for our brand elevating in to new crowds and still it can be seen as a cool brand and not a sell out''

Like if you think about music. The idea behind it is for people to hear the music you do. If you have skinny cheap mondays or not doesn't really matter... If you love the tune, the people behind the tune should love you back and be happy about it. That's how we feel!

Lastly a message from you to us Timo...
We love that thang you doin out there and keep going straight outta CTRL at doNUTS! Love and respect in epic amounts! We need to hook up some day & drink a brew.

Find CTRL here -

Pointless Facebook Group of the Day..

Saturday, 11 October 2008


I'm on the door, so swing by and bust a move yeah. Bar Music Hall Curtain Rd 9-2. FREE!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Thursday, 9 October 2008


So I have put together a creepy, dirty Grime intrumentals mix together to get myself ready for October 31st, HALLOWEEN!!!!..

Most of the tracks are pretty rare and most likely unheard by you if you rarely checked for grime circa 2004-06

Whatever tho really, just DOWNLOAD and LISTEN cos its SPOOKY!


Street Writer Intro
Terra Danjah - Freak Show VIP
JME - Production
G Man - Terrah
Young Dot - Knock On Wood
Slaughter Mob - Creaky Door
Jon.E.Cash - Kamikaze
DJ Marsta - Clap
G Man - Drama
Big-ED - Sultan's Wife
Low Deep - Deeper Flows
Skepta - Untitled
Low Deep - Ignorant Refix
Young Dot - Grime Fire
Dexplicit - POW! Riddim
Terra Danjah & D.O.K - Lifesaver
Bye Bye! Outro


Faces in Places


My new favourite hobby is finding faces in things. I dont really take that many photos so I found a group on flickr to satisfy my needs. Like a good piece of graffiti, these little guys make me smile when I see them out and about.